Two leading perfume houses brings their exclusive fragrances to Bangkok

The two top class perfume brands Amouage and Heretic Parfum is going to bring a new sense to Bangkok. These two brands have revolutionized the world of perfumes and also known as the unconventional with the latest trends of the perfumes.

According to Christopher Chong, the introduction of the fifth chapter of Amouage “Portrayal” is going to describe a man’s or woman’s unique shadow to the world.

He further said that, “when he joined in 2007, from that time only, he wanted to start a chapter of perfumes through storytelling. Each and every perfume in this chapter would have a special place in the story. This is because according to Christopher, perfume is about human emotions and every human emotion can be triggered through the fragrance of perfume. A man can even remember a fragrance of a perfume for more than a year.

Even chong does not come from a perfume industry and has not gone through any formal training of the perfume industry but his two debuts “Jubilation 25” and Jubilation XXV” for women and men was a great his and loved by the people a lot.

History of AMOUAGE

Amouage has a great history of foundation. This brand was started by His Highness Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al biu Said in 1980. It is said that this was requested by the Sultan of Oman. Today, Amouage has become an international brand and is known as the luxury brand in its industry category. The inspiration is taken from its birthplace and working with the Grasse in France to create an astonishing fragrance which has a unique fragrance of its own.


Portrayal from Amouage is produced in the youth love of science fiction films –wormholes and time travel. If I would ever get a chance to go back in time like the movie “Time Travel” I would definitely go to London from the’Roaring 20s’, an age which has been about naughtiness, rebellion, along with imagination. Another wormhole would require me to dancing at New York with Madonna. It’s all about women needs to smoke in people lace, pearls, the loose necklace of Coco Chanel, and arrogance. This is exactly why I feature tobacco together among many notes,” he further said.

This perfume has an aroma of wood and leather. The violet cap on the top of the perfume bottle signifies freshness. The cade is the final note of the perfume which has been brought from the Mediterranean. The fragrance of Cade brings leather like smell. But since it has some woody smell too therefore, it truly describes the masculinity of a person. Therefore, to describe this to the world, the cap is made up of violet colour.

Heritage As a Brand

It is said that in 1920’s and 1980’s female was very strong and their voices were strong too. So, the perfume is opened with a jasmine fragrance. The rose id used as the undertone as it is very difficult to control the fragrance of jasmine. The tobacco used is to calm down the floral sense while vanilla is used for sweetness.

Recently a Hollywood actor who is the key person behind the foundation of Heretic 2015 was also spotted in Bangkok for the launch of Monument Sukhumvit 55.

The Sansro collection by Heretic Parfum is made up of all the natural ingredients. The essence oil is also used to give it an extra touch of fragrance. Today, the whole world is moving towards the use of organic and natural ingredients. The Ayurveda is curing many uncurious diseases for which science has no words to explain. Therefore, introducing a perfume with natural ingredients would also benefit people and push them to go towards natural and organic things. Citrus is always known to the world for creation of happiness. However, the ingredients used apart from citrus gives a sense of comfort and relaxation.

There was a time when I was old and my father used a very good fragrance from the very old company “old spice”. But its certain that I would not use the same for myself. Today the younger generation is also moving towards the use of natural substances and interested in wellness.

Nature is the great gift and it consists of both male and female personalities. And on the same path we have created a perfume from natural ingredients which has both the essence of masculine and feminine.