Know the best uses of Florida Water Cologne, one of the finest perfumes available.

Florida water is one of the best options available in the perfumes range. It owns a citrus scent and because of this property, it became one of the most popular perfumes available. The water cologne is believed to contain lemon oil, orange oil, lavender oil, that are diluted together and a base same as that of a perfume is made. Thus, the perfume also possesses the qualities of all the mentioned oils and this is mixed together and made into a form that can be easily used.

The water tends to contain several properties due to which it can have various uses and it comes as a blessing packed in a bottle. The cologne is known for the last 200 years and its history and recipe still hold the same importance as it used to own back then. It also holds an important place in some spiritual traditions. As the name suggests people love wearing the fragrance as a cologne or uses it in similar activities in various other ways. The fragrance as a whole has a mixture of sweet and citrus blend and smells delightful.

Uses of Florida water Cologne

Uses of Florida water cologne

The cologne has various other uses other than just using as a perfume. They are mentioned below

  • Great option as floor wash – Florida water can be a great option that can be added to the normal water that is used to clean your house. This provides extra protection and some positivity in your home’s environment.
  • Have the best bath full of positivity – Have a bath with water that consists of some amount of Florida water, a handful of sea salt, and some drops of frankincense oil. Use this mixture to have a bath when you think that negativity has got a hold of you.
  • Laundry Rinse – Add some drops of this magical water to your laundry rinse water or use along with the fabric softener to have a sweet smell in your clothes and they will stay in good condition. The water will also help in keeping your clothes protected.
  • Have a dancing feet bath – Take a small tub or a bucket and fill that tub with Rose Water, Florida Water, some drops of Ylang Ylang oil. Soak your feet in this mixture for some time. This will act as a blessing for your feet when you have to dance.
  • Florida water can also be used as a Pre-Ritual cleanser. The cleansing can be done by applying some amount of Florida water at the back of your neck.
  • Florida cologne is famously used for making a good-luck spray. The spray can be made by mixing Springwater, Florida water and some drops of Patchouly oil. You can try this spray by using it before gambling or playing the lottery.
  • The cologne also helps in removing negativity and bring good energy to your home. Sprinkle some amount of this water in your window sills and thresholds to protect your home from bad energy and welcome good energy.
  • Use this Florida water to make a Divination blessing spray. Mix some Florida water, Tap water and a small piece of Amethyst crystal in a small spray bottle. Spray this mixture at the place where you read tarot cards or can also consider it using before you read the card in your hands.
  • 7-day candles can be used using a mixture that is prepared with the help of Florida water. Wash it through a mixture made with the help of tap water, a dash of Florida water, and some holy water.
  • This cologne is also regarded holy by many people and they use it to offer it to their ancestors to honor them. The water is being offered in the cemeteries.
  • Crystals and similar magical jewelry can be washed using some amount of Florida water. Diluted Florida water is used in the process and it also helps in keeping your jewelry safe and protected.

The spiritual side of this water

Florida water can be used in your spiritual life in several ways.

  • The floral scent present in the water is somewhat citrus and if most commonly used for the purification process and other ritual offerings. Holy water is often replaced with Florida water by many.
  • Florida water is also used while seeking guidance from ancestors. The process is carried out by pouring water into a glass and then placing it on the altar. This helps to clear the air and no interference is felt in the air which allows clear reading.
  • Florida water also helps in blessing and cleansing your new home. This can be done by mixing cologne with Rue herbs and Basil and properly sprinkled on the floors, doorways and windows to bring in prosperity, luck and protection.

Health benefits of using Florida water cologne

Florida water cologne is believed to have various refreshing properties for both men and women. It is said to cure headaches, scent homes and can even soothe a fever. It is also commonly used to ease muscle aches and softening of skin before and after shaving. This best smelling male cologne is a perfect fit to be used in a warm climate because of its cooling property. The water can also soothe bug bites and sunburns. Just dap a few drops of Florida water on the affected area and it will offer quick relief.

One single water has got so many different uses. Florida water cologne is used for both spiritual and practical purposes. Good luck can be attracted by using this water and it protects you from harmful negative energy too.

Whether you want to cleanse your soul or your hands, Florida water cologne can surely be used. Used as holy water or skin lotion, this has protecting powers as well as pleasing effects. While using the water cologne you should always keep in mind that the water is highly flammable so you should always be extra precautions while working with it. It also helps in making your life enjoyable.