The most popular scents do not always make the most successful perfumes

Scent is one of the best part of our day to day life now. Almost all of us use scent when getting ready for office or a party. But the quality of scents varies and so does their prices. There are so many varieties of scents available in the market. Nowadays, the use of natural ingredients in the scents have increased and even people have started using handmade scents in their day to day life.

popular scents

Recently a new research was done and the researched focused on more than 10,000 perfumes and the results were highly surprising. The results showed that the even the popular scents and the highly popular brands do not make it to the most rated fragrances. The results showed that which perfumes are the best and more successful according to the customer ratings.

The musk, vanilla and floral smell were used as the notes to describe the scents fragrance. The fragrance of a perfume is made up of many notes and these notes are known as accords.

The most popular and best notes and accords were determined by a very complex analysis by the researchers from the Department of Physics from Imperial college of London. The researchers studied more than thousands of notes and accords of perfumes and analysed their online sales. The offline sales were not taken into account in this research.

It was found that some of the accords and notes were found in many of the scents and this was done on purpose by the companies to increase their sales or make their perfumes long lasting. But none of these perfumes came along the highest rated perfumes.

Lavender and geranium were some of the accords that were available on many top sold perfumes. But the highest rated perfumes were unique and thereby having the best rated ones. Some of the popular rated combinations of notes were jasmine and mint, musk, vetiver and vanilla. These were unique combinations but most liked among men and women.

What was found in The research?

This research gave a new formula to the perfume companies. It showed that certain combinations which were not known to the industry has a large scope for the success. These combinations can now be used by many companies to make their perfumes best and top rated among customers.


“The research can play a great role in the success of the perfumes. It also laid a foundation to the research of perfume industry which can be done on a regular basis to make perfume fragrances which can become popular and most selling one.

This research analysis can act as an artificial nose which can understand the customer behaviour and their choices of the perfumes and the ingredients which are making a particular perfume the top selling one.

The research showed that the popularity of a perfume does not depend on its price or brand name. But it only depends on the smell which makes them popular among customers. So, any brand of perfume can get a huge success if they understand the customer behaviour towards a perfume and can then analyse their ingredients combinations.…