Know the best uses of Florida Water Cologne, one of the finest perfumes available.

Florida water is one of the best options available in the perfumes range. It owns a citrus scent and because of this property, it became one of the most popular perfumes available. The water cologne is believed to contain lemon oil, orange oil, lavender oil, that are diluted together and a base same as that of a perfume is made. Thus, the perfume also possesses the qualities of all the mentioned oils and this is mixed together and made into a form that can be easily used.

The water tends to contain several properties due to which it can have various uses and it comes as a blessing packed in a bottle. The cologne is known from the last 200 years and its history and recipe still holds the same importance as it used to own back then. It also holds an important place in some spiritual traditions. As the name suggests people love wearing the fragrance as a cologne or uses it in similar activities in various other ways. The fragrance as a whole has a mixture of sweet and citrus blend and smells delightful.

Uses of Florida water Cologne

Uses of florida water cologne

The cologne has various other uses other than just using as a perfume. They are mentioned below –

● Great option as floor wash – Florida water can be a great option that can be added to the normal water that is used to clean your house. This provides extra protection and some positivity in your home’s environment.

● Have the best bath full of positivity – Have a bath with water that consists of some amount of Florida water, a handful of sea salt, and some drops of frankincense oil. Use this mixture to have a bath when you think that negativity has got a hold of you.

● Laundry Rinse – Add some drops of this magical water to your laundry rinse water or use along with the fabric softener to have a sweet smell in your clothes and they will stay in good condition. The water will also help in keeping your clothes protected.

● Have a dancing feet bath – Take a small tub or a bucket and fill that tub with Rose Water, Florida Water, some drops of Ylang Ylang oil. Soak your feet in this mixture for some time. This will act as a blessing for your feet when you have to dance.

● Florida water can also be used as a Pre-Ritual cleanser. The cleansing can be done by applying some amount of Florida water at the back of your neck.

● Florida cologne is famously used for making a good-luck spray. The spray can be made by mixing Springwater, Florida water and some drops of Patchouly oil. You can try this spray by using it before gambling or playing the lottery.

● The cologne also helps in removing negativity and bring good energy to your home. Sprinkle some amount of this water in your window sills and thresholds to protect your home from bad energy and welcome good energy.

● Use this Florida water to make a Divination blessing spray. Mix some Florida water, Tap water and a small piece of Amethyst crystal in a small spray bottle. Spray this mixture at the place where you read tarot cards or can also consider it using before you read the card in your hands.

● 7-day candles can be used using a mixture which is prepared with the help of Florida water. Wash it through a mixture made with the help of tap water, a dash of Florida water, and some holy water.

● This cologne is also regarded holy by many people and they use it to offer it to their ancestors to honour them. The water is being offered in the cemeteries.

● Crystals and similar magical jewellery can be washed using some amount of Florida water. Diluted Florida water is used in the process and it also helps in keeping your jewellery safe and protected.

The spiritual side of this water

Florida water can be used in your spiritual life in several ways.

The floral scent present in the water is somewhat citrus and if most commonly used for the purification process and other ritual offerings. Holy water is often replaced with Florida water by many.

● Florida water is also used while seeking guidance from ancestors. The process is carried out by pouring water into a glass and then placing it on the altar. This helps to clear the air and no interference is felt in the air which allows clear reading.

● Florida water also helps in blessing and cleansing your new home. This can be done by mixing cologne with Rue herbs and Basil and properly sprinkled on the floors, doorways and windows to bring in prosperity, luck and protection.

Health benefits of using Florida water cologne

Florida water cologne is believed to have various refreshing properties for both men and women. It is said to cure headache, scent home and can even soothe a fever. It is also commonly used to ease muscle aches and softening of skin before and after shaving. This cologne for men is a perfect fit to be used in a warm climate because of its cooling property. The water can also soothe bug bites and sunburns. Just dap a few drops of Florida water on the affected area and it will offer quick relief.

One single water has got so many different uses. Florida water cologne is used for both spiritual and practical purposes. Good luck can be attracted by using this water and it protects you from harmful negative energy too. Whether you want to cleanse your soul or your hands, Florida water cologne can surely be used. Used as holy water or skin lotion, this has protecting powers as well as pleasing effects. While using the water cologne you should always keep in mind that the water is highly flammable so you should always be extra precautions while working with it. It also helps in making your life enjoyable.…

The most popular scents do not always make the most successful perfumes

Scent is one of the best part of our day to day life now. Almost all of us use scent when getting ready for office or a party. But the quality of scents varies and so does their prices. There are so many varieties of scents available in the market. Nowadays, the use of natural ingredients in the scents have increased and even people have started using handmade scents in their day to day life.

popular scents

Recently a new research was done and the researched focused on more than 10,000 perfumes and the results were highly surprising. The results showed that the even the popular scents and the highly popular brands do not make it to the most rated fragrances. The results showed that which perfumes are the best and more successful according to the customer ratings.

The musk, vanilla and floral smell were used as the notes to describe the scents fragrance. The fragrance of a perfume is made up of many notes and these notes are known as accords.

The most popular and best notes and accords were determined by a very complex analysis by the researchers from the Department of Physics from Imperial college of London. The researchers studied more than thousands of notes and accords of perfumes and analysed their online sales. The offline sales were not taken into account in this research.

It was found that some of the accords and notes were found in many of the scents and this was done on purpose by the companies to increase their sales or make their perfumes long lasting. But none of these perfumes came along the highest rated perfumes.

Lavender and geranium were some of the accords that were available on many top sold perfumes. But the highest rated perfumes were unique and thereby having the best rated ones. Some of the popular rated combinations of notes were jasmine and mint, musk, vetiver and vanilla. These were unique combinations but most liked among men and women.

What was found in The research?

This research gave a new formula to the perfume companies. It showed that certain combinations which were not known to the industry has a large scope for the success. These combinations can now be used by many companies to make their perfumes best and top rated among customers.


“The research can play a great role in the success of the perfumes. It also laid a foundation to the research of perfume industry which can be done on a regular basis to make perfume fragrances which can become popular and most selling one.

This research analysis can act as an artificial nose which can understand the customer behaviour and their choices of the perfumes and the ingredients which are making a particular perfume the top selling one.

The research showed that the popularity of a perfume does not depend on its price or brand name. But it only depends on the smell which makes them popular among customers. So, any brand of perfume can get a huge success if they understand the customer behaviour towards a perfume and can then analyse their ingredients combinations.…

Two leading perfume houses brings their exclusive fragrances to Bangkok

The two top class perfume brands Amouage and Heretic Parfum is going to bring a new sense to Bangkok. These two brands have revolutionized the world of perfumes and also known as the unconventional with the latest trends of the perfumes.

According to Christopher Chong, the introduction of the fifth chapter of Amouage “Portrayal” is going to describe a man’s or woman’s unique shadow to the world.

He further said that, “when he joined in 2007, from that time only, he wanted to start a chapter of perfumes through storytelling. Each and every perfume in this chapter would have a special place in the story. This is because according to Christopher, perfume is about human emotions and every human emotion can be triggered through the fragrance of perfume. A man can even remember a fragrance of a perfume for more than a year.

Even chong does not come from a perfume industry and has not gone through any formal training of the perfume industry but his two debuts “Jubilation 25” and Jubilation XXV” for women and men was a great his and loved by the people a lot.

History of AMOUAGE

Amouage has a great history of foundation. This brand was started by His Highness Sayyid Hamad bin Hamoud al biu Said in 1980. It is said that this was requested by the Sultan of Oman. Today, Amouage has become an international brand and is known as the luxury brand in its industry category. The inspiration is taken from its birthplace and working with the Grasse in France to create an astonishing fragrance which has a unique fragrance of its own.


Portrayal from Amouage is produced in the youth love of science fiction films –wormholes and time travel. If I would ever get a chance to go back in time like the movie “Time Travel” I would definitely go to London from the’Roaring 20s’, an age which has been about naughtiness, rebellion, along with imagination. Another wormhole would require me to dancing at New York with Madonna. It’s all about women needs to smoke in people lace, pearls, the loose necklace of Coco Chanel, and arrogance. This is exactly why I feature tobacco together among many notes,” he further said.

This perfume has an aroma of wood and leather. The violet cap on the top of the perfume bottle signifies freshness. The cade is the final note of the perfume which has been brought from the Mediterranean. The fragrance of Cade brings leather like smell. But since it has some woody smell too therefore, it truly describes the masculinity of a person. Therefore, to describe this to the world, the cap is made up of violet colour.

Heritage As a Brand

It is said that in 1920’s and 1980’s female was very strong and their voices were strong too. So, the perfume is opened with a jasmine fragrance. The rose id used as the undertone as it is very difficult to control the fragrance of jasmine. The tobacco used is to calm down the floral sense while vanilla is used for sweetness.

Recently a Hollywood actor who is the key person behind the foundation of Heretic 2015 was also spotted in Bangkok for the launch of Monument Sukhumvit 55.

The Sansro collection by Heretic Parfum is made up of all the natural ingredients. The essence oil is also used to give it an extra touch of fragrance. Today, the whole world is moving towards the use of organic and natural ingredients. The Ayurveda is curing many uncurious diseases for which science has no words to explain. Therefore, introducing a perfume with natural ingredients would also benefit people and push them to go towards natural and organic things. Citrus is always known to the world for creation of happiness. However, the ingredients used apart from citrus gives a sense of comfort and relaxation.

There was a time when I was old and my father used a very good fragrance from the very old company “old spice”. But its certain that I would not use the same for myself. Today the younger generation is also moving towards the use of natural substances and interested in wellness.

Nature is the great gift and it consists of both male and female personalities. And on the same path we have created a perfume from natural ingredients which has both the essence of masculine and feminine.…

The Curious Staying Power of Britney Spears’s Perfume Empire

One of the greatest pop icons of the past few decades is Britney Spears. Britney Spears is a singer and songwriter but has invested money in different ventures making her a businesswoman with an empire. Many stars have created popular perfumes that have worked well in the perfume industry. Stars like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Swift have perfume lines that have worked very well and made many profits. However, Britney Spears is one of the most successful and lucrative perfume empires in the world. Britney Spears has partnered with Elizabeth Arden and has a billion-dollar fragrance franchise. She has done many fragrances with the brand and Elizabeth Arden still is looking to develop perfumes with her brand as sales with her name attached to it are quite lucrative.

Celebrities Partnering With Perfume Companies

Elizabeth Arden is a major perfume brand and it first partnered with Elizabeth Taylor to create the famous White Diamonds perfume. The perfume industry is a lucrative option for famous movie stars and artists and many famous personalities have created top perfumes that have made big revenues. Besides pop stars like Britney Spears, top celebrities like Paris Hilton, Rihanna and Jay Z have very successful perfume empires. Britney Spears entered the perfume market in 2004 and since then her perfumes have done very well in the market.

Curious – By Britney Spears

Curious is a perfume that was first created by Britney Spears under the label of Elizabeth Arden. Curious is an Eau De Parfum and is available in a light blue bottle with cute two dangling pink hearts. Curious is a beautiful perfume which is made by using ingredients like vanilla, jasmine petals and also orchids. This is a youthful fragrance with floral fragrances which are very popular with young women. This perfume has a high level of awareness among women who are their target market and this perfume competes well with perfumes from Victoria’s Secret and Bath and Body Works. Britney Spears has done a lot of publicity for this perfume over the years and has created awareness for the perfume. Britney Spears is still a popular artist and she is part of the appeal. Curious perfume has sold over 500 million bottles and Britney Spears has also developed other perfumes.

Fantasy – By Britney Spears

Fantasy is a women’s fragrance that was introduced by Britney Spears and the label Elizabeth Arden. The fantasy fragrance line has around 17 perfumes currently with various notes and ingredients that are used in the perfumes. This is a musky and fruity perfume with notes like lychee, kiwi, cupcake, jasmine, white chocolate, musk, orchids and orris root to name a few. Britney Spears makes around the U.S 50 million dollars a year. She has invested in this business and takes a lot of interest in developing and promoting the brand.

Britney Spears’s Involvement in Her Perfume Empire

Britney Spears has a sustained interest in her perfume empire and difference between her and other celebrities who promote perfumes is that she actually likes perfumes. Britney talks a lot about her fragrances and shows genuine interest in all her fragrances. She not just talks about her fragrances but wears it often and also sings songs about it. Britney Spears also released a single called Perfume in 2013. She has also showcased her perfumes in several of her music videos. There are shots of the perfume in music videos of songs like “Work Bitch” and “Hold It Against Me”. She promotes ads for her new fragrances and incorporates promotion of her perfumes in many ways in her career. Her promotion of perfumes is authentic and customers feel like the perfumes represent her.

Britney Spears’s Career

Britney Spears became famous in 1992 when she appeared in Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club. Britney Spears became a popular pop star around the year 2000 and has consistently been in the news since then. Britney Spears has had famous song albums that made news and many problems in her personal life including stints in rehab which have made the news. Any press is good press for Britney Spears in terms of her Perfume Empire and fans. Customers have stuck with her perfume empire for years now.

Britney Spears has a lucrative perfume empire that has defied expectations and continues to do well in comparison to perfumes that are endorsed by other famous Hollywood stars.…